How We Work

We are focused on one important goal here at The Education Company…

“Helping school administrators find and implement successful solutions to their most pressing school discipline problems.”

classroom pictureWe accomplish this by delivering professional development training to your school’s administrators, teachers, support staff and parents.

We provide each school with specific professional development training solutions tailored to your individual school’s discipline issues and concerns. Through a series of group training and one-one-one sessions with your staff, we to do the following:

  • Interview the school’s administration, support staff and teachers to assess the current discipline situation within the school.
  • Work one-on-one with the school administration to identify the most pressing discipline problems within each school environment.
  • Train the school administration in how to overcome these discipline concerns in each classroom and on a school wide basis.
  • Provide the school administrators with a Road-Map in how to handle these discipline concerns within their school and how to manage their teachers and support staff in accomplishing this goal.
  • Train the support staff and teachers in how to handle discipline problems within their classroom, greatly reducing the number of incidents referred to the school office.
  • Provide the teachers and support staff with a Playbook, guiding them in what to say and do when dealing with individual student discipline incidents within their individual classrooms and school.
  • Work one-on-one with the school’s teachers and support staff to solidify their understanding of the program and to help each individual staff member and teacher work through individual concerns and obstacles to succeed with the program.
  • Provide the school administrators, support staff and teachers with supplemental and supportive discipline management material insuring proper implementation of The Education Company’s School Discipline Solution Program.
  • Provide onsite( at your school) ongoing group and on-one-one training throughout the year after the initial professional development seminars, to insure full and proper implementation of The Education Company’s School Discipline Solution Program for your individual school.

Each school’s situation is unique. That is why we designed our programs to be adaptable to the different discipline concerns and staff makeup that is unique to each school’s particular professional development needs and school discipline environment.

Before You Hire A Professional Development Firm To Work With Your Staff And Teachers In our School…
Here Are Some Questions You Might Want To Ask:
  • How long has the professional development firm been in business and working in the school industry?
  • Is it run by current or former school administrators or are they just businessman?
  • Can you speak with the owner?
  • Can you call its references?
  • Can you call the testimonial personnel?
  • Will it give you a customer list?
  • Does it offer onsite, ongoing training to ensure proper program implementation or only a one-time seminar?
  • Are all their trainers’ current or former school administrators?
  • Will it provide you with a free phone assessment of your current situation?
  • Will it customize the program to fit your needs and budget?
  • Will it let you interview the trainer prior to contracting?

To download the Discipline Professional Development Checklist, click here.

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